A Natural Minor Lick – 4

September 7, 2008 by  

Guitar Lick 11 – A Natural Minor

Guitar Lick 11 tab

You can download the practice loops for this lick in three tempos, so there’s no excuse not to learn slowly!

free practice loops

This lick Was Played Using Jamonome Practice Tracks.

jamonome practice loops and jam tracks


3 Responses to “A Natural Minor Lick – 4”
  1. james says:

    this like is sweet and is gonna help me loads. in fact this web site is sweet and gonna help loads to lol

  2. KIERON says:

    A MINOR NATURAL LICK -4. i understand what you are saying gonna do a couple of hours when i get back from asda’s !

  3. Lee says:

    ah. This one’s best not to bar the fret, move the first finger to each fret, get used to that it’s easier with a bit of practice. Rolling is used more for when the next played note is on the same fret but this kind of lick gives your fingers more time to move.

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