Mastering The Pentatonics

Mastering The Pentatonics – Five Part Crash Course
There’s a lot to be said for the pentatonic scale. If you’re a rock / blues guitarists and think the pentatonic scale is boring then think again. This scale dominates these genrés and also has plenty of use in many other styles of music.

Forget the cliché about the pentatonic scale being limited

There’s a lot more to it than being stuck in the pentatonic box so dust off those strings, fire up your favourite jam track, we’re about to rip the scale apart and view it in a completely different light!

Part One
Takes a look at the pentatonic scale basics, the five common positions and the CAGED chords that are an important part of making full use of the fretboard.

Part Two
Triads are important to understand if you want to inject some life into your solos by making use of chord tones. Part two shows how to find a variety of triad patterns across the neck.

Part Three
Finding scale and chord intervals inside the pentatonic patterns.

Part Four
The pentatonic scale exploded! Digging deep with an alternative method to using the scale over the entire neck without relying on the five common positions.

Part Five
Arpeggios and the minor pentatonic. Add some spice to your pentatonic solos by simply dropping a note or two!